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Sign the People’s Pledge against Crime and Corruption

Be a part of the Solution!

  The People’s Pledge against Crime and Corruption

The signatories acknowledge that:

  • The causes of crime are complex and varied and that solutions to these problems need to consider the healing and social upliftment of communities and the eradication of poverty.
  • Crime and Corruption negatively affects the lives of all South Africans.
  • As ordinary citizens there is something that we can do to change the culture of crime and corruption in our society.
  • We need to abide by all the laws of the land.
  • We will not be a part of the cycle of crime and corruption.
  • Criminal and Corrupt activities come in many forms including: domestic abuse, violence against women and children, paying and receiving bribes, buying stolen goods, drunk driving, speeding, nepotism (giving jobs to family and friends) and abusing public office for private gain.

We, the signatories, therefore pledge that:

  • We will respect and abide by all the laws of the land and refrain from engaging in any criminal and corrupt activities.
  • We will not accept or pay bribes.
  • We will not buy stolen goods.
  • We will not abuse public office for private gain.
  • We will report any criminal or corrupt activities.

Please sign the pledge by entering your name and surname, the town or city you reside in and your email address. Please note that your email address will not be made publicly available

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IsmailObarayKurumanAs a member of the ID it is imperative that all members sign the pledge.
NcekelelaSivuloMthathaWe must adopt a free-from-crime government and we must take the corrupt ANC out of govenment.
johannes M CollinRakumakoPretoriaThanks for introducing this, it's time to act now not talking, 'phambile ku ID', foreward ever, backward never.
NtokozoNgwenyaDurbanA South Africa free of Crime and Corruption is a better life for all!
JosiahMokoriSowetoLets all unite against crime and corruption including corrupt gov.officials.
GrahamCorneliusCape TownI am fully supportive of the pledge.
GeorgeLasichDurbanRight on!
PeterBothmanRobertsonI am very impressed with this campaign.
This is my solemn pledge.
CharlesStandersGeorgeI want to be part of the solution.
BrettHerronCape TownFinally, an opportunity to take a stand and make a public commitment. Let's get millions of South Africans to make this pledge.
MathewsLouwvredendalSTOP CRIME NOW. YES WE CAN.
WendyLeebPietermaritzburgCrime is crippling our nation's freedom and trust
HillaryFaulmannCape TownWe need to adopt a ZERO TOLERANCE attitude against anyone involved in crime. Our country and the hard working citizens who live here are held to ransom each and every day of our lives. We have such a beautiful country and to see it ravaged by thugs breaks my heart especially when our young children and elderly are raped and killed in the most gruesome way. We as a nation should be ashamed for the manner in which we conduct ourselves and treat our fellow brothers and sisters.
KarlWeitzPort ElizabethI pledge to abide by the ID's policies and constitution against crime and corruption. VIVA ID.....VIVA PATRICIA DE LILLE
PrincessMncedanePretoriaLet the people's pledge against crime be a daily pledge
PhilemonMathibediTshwane SoshanguveI think it's a good idea to combat crime in our country and personally I appreciate your good work.
ThiagarajanNaidooGautengCrime must be handled severely and we can have a free and safe country
NathanialEdwardsGautengI abide by this pledge. 09 February 2009.
EarlSeptemberPaarlLet's take hands and stop crime and corruption to take our homes, towns and our country back in our own safe hands.
ShanensDollieCape Town 
AdrianWilliamsCape Town 
ShanenRossouwCape town 
DawidDe WeeGrabouwCrime and corruption must be stopped by high profile politicians, and now the taxpayer must pay for their appearances in court. The government must stop paying for it, they can repay the acussed after he or she is found not guilty, but before that he or she must pay themselves.
BevanCooperCape TownI agree to above mentioned People's Pledge.
JannieDe WeeVredenburgI'm signing this pledge to show my loyalty to the people of South Africa and to the best political party I've ever joined, the Independent Democrats.
Desmond Kylas DurbanAhead with the Independent Democrats for a social future for all not just a few fat cats.
ShireenAugustCape TownTo pledge is to want a safer South Africa for our aged as well as our children. Pledge now and unite behind the Independent Democrats for a safer life.
Jan Johannes JohnVan SchalkwykCape Town (Parow)To help and make Uitsig independent from the D.A  and Ravensmead, and bring more jobs and build houses in open fields. The major problem is that no one from Helen Zille or other members, are near to here, or have taken a walk in the Uitsig streets to listen to what the needs are in our community.
SamuelTitiesKimberley (Barkly West)The ID believes in honesty, integrity.
SanjayHariLondonMy brother fell victim to violent crime on the 14th of January. Unfortunately he never survived to tell the tale. The corruption NEEDS to END and the dream of a new new crime free South Africa needs to materialise. Only we can make this change. South Africa is still my home and I would love to see a change.
BenjaminBassonCape TownI support this pledge, and hope that more will take the initiative to improve the lives for all South Aricans
Basil E.DanielsCape TownYes we must fight it right to the core. I salute all who unite to this pledge.... ons moet saam staan... let's take this pledge foward to our million voter campaign. The ID is here to stay.
Chrisvan der WaltWelkom -
RashidAdamsCape TownI endorse the ID's pledge to fight crime at all levels.
Mohammed YusufDesaiKimberleyWe need to bring down crime in this country. Let us all be a part of the solution.
IsaacSefatsaBloemfonteinIt is my pledge not to engage in criminal / corrupt activities.
ShaunAugustCape TownSTAAN SAAM.
CliftonJantjiesGeorgeI will be part in the fight against crime and corruption.
NadiaJantjiesGeorgeBring it on!
Riebeek Kasteel
Crime is the most crippling problem in South Africa.  Sadly signing petitions won't do a thing, but one can only hope and pray that it MIGHT so here's my signature.
SylviaLouwVredendalYes we are the champions.Yes we can.
JenniferPrestoJohannesburgI would also like the ID to investigate the poor service that commuters get from Metro Bus Johannesburg. The busses are usually early or late if they turn up. We women have to wait for at least an hour in the early mornings in the dark when a bus does not pitch. I know of women who have been mugged and assaulted at the bus stops. We can complain until the cows come home, nothing is ever done to improve the lot of the commuters. We get into trouble at work, we stand in the pouring rain, there are no adequate bus shelters, even at Ghandi Square. Some of the drivers are absolutely arrogant, they don't put the destination of the bus on the front of the bus, when the passengers ask them what bus it is, the answers vary from rude to inane mumbling or downright intolerant. Some of them take fares from passengers without ringing it up, in other words they keep the money for themselves. There is no competition so Metro Bus Rules. On the peak hour routes we get single deckers, the busses are more overloaded than any taxi. On my route, there are a few drivers of impeccable quality.
ReneSnymanSwellendamJust out of curiosity - why are there no poster of the ID in Swellendam? Only DA and ANC.
GregoryAbrahamsClaremontEvery action you take, will give you a positive and definite reaction.
ReshamDhayaEast LondonCRIME MUST STOP NOW!!!!!
BetsKotzeClanwilliamMens moor nie as jy honger is nie. Mens gebruik nie geweld om klere te kry nie. Die Staats gelde is vir almal in die land, nie vir die verspreiders nie.
TonyPontutiMbabaneI travel between SZ and SA in a SZ car. I am stopped and despite being in compliance with the laws am bullied for "lunch money" in return for not being dragged of to answer for a "failure to comply...". So far my refusal to pay has not resulted in this undisclosed fate. The audacity and openess in front of other officers says a lot.
RanleighDelportGautengCrime and corruption robs ordinary citizens of a livelihood. It is an impediment to businesses who want to succeed. It slows down job creation and advances those who subscribe to corrupt deals. The rights of the ordinary South Africans are being infringed and criminals and corrupt officials should be brought to book. The biggest sin is corrupt officials and especially those who they report to, who do nothing to get these people out of the system. We are tired of people going to parliament to enrich themselves and forget the promises they made to the people who voted them in. They should be held accountable to deliver. Corrupt officials should face the full brunt of the law as they are in a position of trust and choose to needlesly abuse it. Fire the whole lot and let us start over. This country is far greater then we give it credit.
JulrickAfrikaRetreatI support this pledge.
ChelseaGrenfellDundeeYou Rock My Socks....
Siyabulela SiyaMamkeliCape TownOur country needs responsible leaders who respect the constitution of this country. Leaders who walk the talk.
DeniseDe LeeuwCape TownI am fed up with corrupt leaders in all areas of life. A follower is as good as his leader.
JodyAllemeierCape TownCrime and corruption on ALL levels does damage to the development of South Africa and our people.
SelwynCollinsMugale CityClearly ID is the last party on our ballet that truly has an issue with crime. You got my vote. Keep up the good work it is greatly appreciated.
AngeloSwartzCape TownIt's all about you, only you and you alone can make a difference. Take a stand against crime. You'll start to love it.
MichaelNqothulaJohannesburgThe corrupt officials have put our future in jeopardy. We should find ways to hold them accountable. The majoritarianism which is practised by the ANC must be dealt with severely. Together we can.
HeatherPansegrouwJohannesburgIf we are not part of the solution then we are part of the problem!
CaterinaRouxWorcesterI am proud to be part of the Solution. It is the time to stand together as South Africans - NOW!! Viva Patricia de Lille!!
DorotheaZefferttRietfontein, district of RustenburgI totally agree with the ID's definition above.  I also feel that a better QUALITY EDUCATION FOR ALL, access to correct and relevant information of available training in skills other than universities, access to information about bursaries for such training together with better communication to principals at primary, intermediate and high school levels of all the relevant information so that learners can be guided according to their abilities and the finances available to them. This would, in my opinion, greatly reduce the necessity of youth descending into criminal activities. Opportunities to improve their situation for everyone who cannot find work.
Japievan DeventerBloemfonteinPatricia for President!!
FernandoBagoesGeorgeGENOEG IS GENOEG.
Stephen AndrewMalcolmJohannesburgCorruption and Crime are ruining our democracy.
TebogoMokgabudiPretoriaI'm sick and tired of having to deal with dirty politicians and public servants. How are we supposed to help people, when those who are entrusted and choose to fulfil those tasks, only think about their own wellbeing?
ShonaPieterseJohannesburgI'm proud to be part of a party that not only talks but exposes those corrupt individuals!! Thanks Patricia de Lille that you care for our country and our people, you are a true hero!
MasomeleleGadlelaMthathaThe ID having a chance to fight corruption at all levels. It's your chance Democrats, don't let people down. Go Pat.
JoshuaAbrahamsCape TownEk stem saam 100%!!! ...Viva ID! Viva Patricia De Lille.
EricDirkseKraaifonteinI hereby commit myself to sign against corrupt leaders, crime, poverty, etc. We can't let criminals represent the masses abroad. No to the Zumas, Malemas, Mantashes, Lekotas and Boesaks.
JamesArendseSaldanha BayI'm fedup with the (A)ctive (N)etwork of (C)orruption because I felt it for myself. The only party who can pinpoint and identify it is the ID. I'm joining the train sorry not the sous train but the wagon that can carry us to the point of solutions in this land! Our land, South Afrika.
BevWalkerCape TownI support this pledge.
FeliciteOgleDurbanNo to crime and corruption.  When will it all end? We must stand together on this. Keep up the good work Patricia!! God Bless!!
AsaAbrahamsCape TownHi Pat, I can assure you, in this elections you will receive a better response. You need to deliver and act on your promises, so that you can become president of the country one day. After all, WOMEN are natural and competent rulers. Good luck!
CrystelKushnerPort ElizabethPhambile!
MerilizeaConradieSwellendamI know that we as the ID can make the difference SA needs. Yes, we as the ID Party can do it!!!
JimmyNaganBelharIt will be impossible to eradicate crime unless people have decent sustainable jobs where their dignity is not impaired by callous bosses who do not see labourers as people but a means to substantiate their capitalistic greed. The latter will maintain oppressing people. If the people do not have dignity they will not keep their jobs. We are still slaves. Remove the slavery then crime will be lowered. Just compare this with the status quo in 'developed' countries.
LinleyRobertsJohannesburgWe as South Africans should stand together without breaking up or falling apart when the enemy strikes, stop turning a blind eye when we see someone being robbed or attacked for example. Criminals get away because they have rights leaving victims to suffer physically and emotionally. I support anyone who truly believes in eradicating 'Crime'.  We all need to adopt the 'love your neighbour' kind of attitude, teach the youth respect and how to be kind to one another and everything will surely fall into place.  ALL THE BEST 'ID', GO FOR A WIN.
AshleySinghJohannesburgIf we stopped buying stolen goods, the need for crime will diminish!
RosaLouwGeorgeLet us unite against crime and corruption by leaders, including
government and local government officials. I fully support this campaign. I am part of the solution.
EbenShieldsStrandWe need leaders with integrity and moral values like you. You are a brave woman who stands up against wrong. Well done and continue to do so.
Gregoryvan der BylPietermaritzburgWe must not let crime and corruption ruine this country
MasomeleleGadlelaMqanduliDemocrats we can achive this if we know each other. Please let's fight corruption, especially in the Social Department where the food parcels and pensions are being given to a noble instead of a peasant. Viva Pat!! Phambili Patricia De Lille, the icon of the world.
IsaacMasobelaPalm SpringsI, as a member of the ID, a youth and a South African need a corruption free government.
JeromeMorrisonVryburgMy absolute support...101%
Ivonede FigueiredoJohannesburg / VelddrifI pledge my commitment to this pledge.  Thanks Patricia, and keep it up.  You have my vote!
PaulHenekeGautengMuch more needs to be done. Start by closing our borders.
MohamedJmaloodeenNewcastleWe need to stand together to fight corruption and anti-competitive laws.
E.IsmailCape TownI'm not a member of the ID, but it's a good thing, so...
DesireeAbrahamsBellvilleCriminal activities takes many forms. Corruption and bullying in the workplace is horrific.
PatrickTrietschKlopper ParkI sign this pledge with the "Optimistic View" of a peaceful, prosperous country, relying on corrupt-free officials, (taking their cue from the country's honest leaders), to improve the lives of all South Africans.
JacquesOosthuizenJohannesburgGood Patricia, it was time somebody did it!!
DeonOlivierDarlingThe ID is a clean party. We need to unite to ensure a better and safer country for all. The ID party is there for all nations whether rich or poor. I am fully supportive of the pledge.
AbigailMaarmanDarlingI am proud to be a member of the ID. I know that we as the ID Party can reduce the rate of poverty and crime. I have full confidence in my leaders.
PatriciaGerberGeorgeI support this pledge 100%
RaymondJansenSkukuzaID for LIFE.
ZimasaMabonaMthathaMthatha is corrupt!! Let us unite in the fight against all levels of crime.
MichaelKlerckDurbanAs a gay male in SA, I was pleased to find out that the ID is the ONLY political party in the country that actively supports gay rights.  Haniff is a absolute asset to the ID, he has fresh ideas and has a wealth of knowledge.
Willievan TonderBenoniDown with corruption!
MasoudHosseiniTehranVery good.
LizelCloeteVryburgI support this pledge 110%
JohnMonagengPretoriaI think De Lille is genuine.
JuanDannhauserHennenmanIf we don't do something now we will end up like Zimbabwe.
SydneyVisserRustenburgGetting rid of mismanagement, crime and corruption is the only way. These 3 things are causing enormous harm and it is rapidly eroding the progress made since 1994.
RashadJafferKimberleyI would like to lodge a complaint against the parties councilor in our area
ReggieMisoThe CityIt not only is long over due, but actually disgusting to note that the "father" of the house - present "rulers" of our fast decaying country - is lying on his laurels, when wolves from every nook and cranny, easily and boldly walk straight into the house, tearing up or down, anything they lay their hands on. What type of a father is this? Goverment is parent, while the country is the house. Question, How safe do you feel in this house, where even senior members of the "family" promote and virtually get away with fraud, perjury and outright negligence? Not that one is "anti ANC" or Goverment as such, rather that we shall have been part of the cycle of crime and corruption, if we do not stand up and be heard on issues like poverty, negligence of duty, connivance with criminals etc. I choose - yes choose - to sign this pledge, in the hope that not only will the government take heed, but also that many conscientous South Africans will also put pen to paper.
AmarinNaiduDurbanI am fed up with all the corrupt politicians in government today. I am hoping that by signing this something will be done about it. I am not paying my taxes, levies and the like to make some bureaucrat rich, I am paying these to make South Africa a better place for everybody.
MotsamaiCokonyaMogale CityNo bribes, no hate speech. Lets stop Malema and his dirty tongue. Now that will help us build a crime free country. Bring the Scorpions back and let the Scorpions investigate Malema and Zuma!!!
VironicaDartGautengSouth Africans; we are the Rainbow nation we must stand together in unity and peace under one God and say NO MORE to Crime and corruption. The Government is their to protect us and to help build a better nation for you and me
and our childrens, children. They are not chosen to exploit us and to make us poor but to benefit us.
By improving the skills of our Country developing jobs and creating jobs and a better future and hope for all of us
to live in peace and unity and not in fear. Crime is gotten out of hand! No more killing, no more rape. We need to protect our women, children and the elderly life has to cherished. Let us all live in peace and harmony and stop violence and all crimes once and for all. WE DO NOT WANT TO LIVE IN FEAR ANY MORE!
MeAliasPretoriaI want to report a person who drives with a fake license, but do not know where.

Secondly the person sold a car that was not his property

Thirdly: trade in diamonds without a license
MauriceRomanLotus River (Cape Town)Being part of the solution from within the ID structure is the correct place to be. From within we can ensure a free-from-crime and a corruption free government. Let us strive for a better life for all!
FranklynTruterPaarlLet us stand together and fight crime and corruption and poverty and make our economy as strong as ever.
JanetBickSydneyOy Vey Patty. What's the use of having this little petition going on here when you know what you've got to do to get a majority party force together (like you and Helen) to act against those big spoilt babies who are in power. 
Didier OdayoAgonvononMelbourneI support the fight. We shall get there one day!
WernerStrydomPort ElizabethMore sympathy and rights for the victim and much stronger laws against the criminals.
Improve the effectiveness of the South African Police Service.
I am very proud of the ID and to sign this pledge.
ZolaniSmafuWestern CapeYes, pledge together we can bring solution and change to our country and make better safety for all the people who live in SA.
VyronDanielsGautengWe need to fight crime and corruption at all steps of live meaning at community, provincial as well as national we need to live out what we preach.
NigelKannemeyerCape TownI am 100% behind this as it is sad to see how many famlies still suffer from crime, that leads to broken homes, as their is no more family ties like you have seen in the past. I think the Goverment should apply stricter laws as so many women and young girls even boys get abused.Thank you.
KennyCloeteCape TownI live in Uitsig and it is sad to see how young people grow up with a dark future. The current politicians are either to busy to care or just not bothered that these are the future leaders of this area. PLEASE HELP in any way possible but most of all stop corruption from Politicians and Police and most importantly crime.
MusaAhmedKhulna, BangladeshBe a human being.
MarshallKiewietCape TownCrime and Corruption are holding back our great country.
CelesteNgcoboPortshepstoneI want to be part of the solution, I am part of solution, down with crime.
BennyXolaniCape TownGrabouw SAPS have taken the slice of bread in my mouth, I now live my life like a rat, and the pain is that I cant even support my family or take care of my kids, I just feel I am in a deep hole filled darkness, please lift me up I know you can.
ElzabeGagianoPretoriaI detest the fact that I have to pay board and lodging to the criminal(s). They must be made to pay their own way by some measure of work, especially in building houses, or any other type of accomodation where the poor can live, instead of shacks.
RaybinFiglandGeorgeLets be part of the solution
KennyCloeteCape TownCrime is a serious factor.
Vee AngieChandlerMelkbosstrandIf anyone can turn this country around, it's got to be a woman, a woman with balls, like Patricia and Helen.
BarendDiedericksWellingtonAs a member I have no choice but to sign in for a crime free SA
JoeyJacobsGuatengCorruption must be sorted out every where. Staff must work for their pay, which the tax payers pay hard for
RakeshParmarAhmedbadCrime must be handled severely and then we can have a free and safe country. And a totally clean city, then all people safe.
FatimaSaitCape TownMake our country a safer place and proud to be free of corruption!
TebohoMokoenaVilliersStand together as one unit to combat greedy corruption!
Jomar AntoniaPlaatjiesBlackheathWe as parents must stand together to protect our communities against crime and corruptions, our children is the future of tomorrow.
MusengeSampalaLusaka, ZambiaI am the director for Kids Against Crime Zambia which we just opened this year. After seeing your program on the Internet, I thought of contacting you and am very much in support of fighting and combating crime. and I look forward to working with you and sharing ideas. We go into schools, child counselling and community sensetizations.
Gibson NoveltyMnisiNelspruitCrime, in South Africa, is motivated by the capitalist economic polices. Themes of a capitalist society include 'survival of the fittest' and 'everyone for himself'. Greed is the core part of capitalism. The ID must fight capitalism, and all its related crimes, and push foward with her social justice and equality polices. This party is a perfect solution to the problems facing the majority of the country's population. A rewarding challenge that the party must take is to get more publicity, and make the people know what it stands for.
PatrickDaceyJohannesburgYoung people need to have high ideals to strive for and corruption will never be one of them.
Myrtledu PlessisKeimoesCrime in all its forms is breaking down our country, our communities, our families and ourselves. Let's fight crime together
AlbertVoslooPretoriaStill it's just talk, proof to me that you can and have made a difference, so I will join!!
SusanWoodJohannesburgTogether we can achieve so much more. We should not just treat the symptoms of crime and corruption, but the actual causes. All South Africans should adopt an attitude of compassion, caring, honesty and giving...
RachelSefatsaBloemfonteinA big NO to crime.
SarenaBaxterCape TownI fully agree with this pledge and more should be done to uplift people from poverty to help address crime and gangsterism.
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